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I love you THAT much, but...

I can't really recalled how do me each other, i believe you don't, too. That probably the sweetest moment that i had in my whole life so far, but i do remember what have you told me on the day.

I grew, you do, faster than me, you're just like a brighting star, shining everyone around you, giving your love with no request, unconditionally, even though it sometimes make me feel you're kinda bad, arrogant, ciaë, but after all, you hit on my very darkside, light glowing warmly in my heart, made me forgave you automatically, yes, no request, uncondition.

We've been so close, i can read every thought of you, your sadness, your happiness, your anger, everything, but i didn't told you so. there's no word to describe the situation where i hope you will holding my hand someday and smile in front of me, with just an inch, starring at me, reficeting my very own soul in your eyes, that, can never be valid anymore.

You're not strong, in fact, you're weak, VERY, whic…