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Do you believe that anything could be possible? Anything you've ever desired. Anything you've ever fantasized about. Anything could come true. All you need is to find a way to make it real.

There are people out there, some luckier than others, who keep killing themselves. Thinking that hope and faith are overrated. What are their purposes in life? Are they happier not believing in love? Do they feel more content when they're alone bad-mouthing their so-called best friends? Do they seek comfort in complaining about everything that they're not comfortable with? Blaming it on others, blaming it on their parents, blaming it on their colleagues, blaming it on God.

I've had a lot of dreams before. Ironically most were made while I was conscious. I wanted to be so many things. I wanted so many things for myself. I made plans for the future. You must have done the same thing, haven't you? Wanting to be better. That is what makes life... lively.

To become a millionaire is …