Do you believe that anything could be possible? Anything you've ever desired. Anything you've ever fantasized about. Anything could come true. All you need is to find a way to make it real.

There are people out there, some luckier than others, who keep killing themselves. Thinking that hope and faith are overrated. What are their purposes in life? Are they happier not believing in love? Do they feel more content when they're alone bad-mouthing their so-called best friends? Do they seek comfort in complaining about everything that they're not comfortable with? Blaming it on others, blaming it on their parents, blaming it on their colleagues, blaming it on God.

I've had a lot of dreams before. Ironically most were made while I was conscious. I wanted to be so many things. I wanted so many things for myself. I made plans for the future. You must have done the same thing, haven't you? Wanting to be better. That is what makes life... lively.

To become a millionaire is a possibility, you need opportunities and strength, wisdom, hard work, throw in a little bit of luck and you're Tom Cruise. To be sleeping with Angelina Jolie is a possibility, you need to be rich, and you need to give her a lot of money. To be on top of the world is a possibility, you need to be strong enough to climb the highest mountains. To be the best boyfriend is a possibility, all you need to do is to care more everyday, and believe that she feels the same. To forget about a past is a possibility, stop thinking about it and start doing things that will consume all your free time. Magic is a possibility, all you need to do is to believe in what magicians do best.

Believing in something make things possible. Believing in yourself make you a being. One that can change you own life, and also lives of others along the way. The universe knows no borders. Things beyond your imagination might be happening right outside your window? Have you ever noticed how the sound of silence deafens the souls in the dark night where everything seems eternal? Do you realize how many people ask for a new and better day every time the sun rises? That, my friend, is belief. It makes things real. Make things feel. Feel alright.

I believe you can do better than me. And so one day you will. You believe one day you'll fly. One day we shall soar together. And you will look back, and tell me how stupid you were to say that life meant nothing to you.

Some people think big. Some people do big. Some people become big. On the other hand, there are some who thinks small. Some who do little. Some who become.. nothing.

I believe in you.

ps: I met E, in a nearly impossible situation and am not yet able to figure where the possibility was, but still, things just happen, what you have to do is just believe in that.


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