Bargain with Death?

Its Saturday, 23 August 2008, 0800am. Since its the 3rd anniversary from the purchasing date of my personal computer, I’ve decided to format it, or rather my harddrive because you can’t really format a PC. There’s no particularly spectacular reason for doing so. It’s more on a whim than anything else.

Perhaps the most outstanding influence to the decision is that my CD-ROM refuses to work properly inspite of my many attempts to remedy it. It has been acting strangely since I swapped out the old motherboard (after that fiasco with my LG monitor).

At any rate, my intention is to zero fill the harddisk, repartition it 50:50, pop in Windows XP and hope that nothing breaks down in the process. This is my virgin show though, so that's no guarantee that i will be definitely succeed, there’s never any guarantees anyway. For all I know, and considering my spate of bad karma as of late, my PC will blow up just shy of completion (most likely at 99.99%).

Hopefully, the exploding PC is nothing like the exploding laptop (google it for detail).

If the headlines of tomorrow’s papers reads Boy Dies In Freak Harddrive Fire, that would be me and you’ll know why I’m silent all a sudden. Anyway, wish for a peaceful reformat and see you on the flip side.


Ting Ting said…
Formatting your HD hey~good luck reinstalling the drivers~! And that nothing happens to your laptop and neither to you~!
Anonymous said…
God bless you.....
But i think you should be okay loh...coz still receive your msg...hehe..:p


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