Passion Never Dies

I was still new and alive if you're asking, haha.

Few things happened and its quite a tough period for me as me getting busier, sick, Laura resigned and back to London with Mr.Chai, Charles twisted his left ankle, and most important thing is that it has been 7 days we (me and W) barely talk to each other. Of course i do have it in mind that this kind of situation comes earlier or later, yet i didn't know it was such difficult and piercing.

Anyway, thanks to Bryan(dont you dare forget him), i was recommended, or in fact, can not say no to take over a very important role in his school first semester ending celebration presentation. i was so shocked when i was told about his idea, it was a huge presentation held by him and his colleagues like 7 PICs in total and 40 to 67 candidates involved, that's almost 2 classes full of students.

If you followed my fb well, you might get a clue and yes, im conducting a student orchestra and will be performing on stage in front of at least 500 audiences this coming weekend with 4 entries. I surprisingly found that this conducting thing exposed my true self deep in my soul that i was still not over music yet and all my passions about musics, conducting, experiences in instruments and Silverberg's inherited absolute pitch ability burns all my energies and i can no longer stay denial for music world.

It was quite tough, tiring, and furious when students can not perform what you asked for especially your passion and short-of-time issue burn within, telling you that its actually not possible for you to train them patiently yet you aim for a perfect score, but thank god things getting better and better and i hope the result turns out good.

Big hugs to everyone i love and i sincerely hope everything will be ok in the end, and it's not my illness or the orchestra thing i'm talking about :)

Catch up later everyone.

Loev you.

ps: Symphony 7 is better than symphony 9, yet 9 is more famous and i wonder why.


Ting Ting said…
Is this happening to all Virgos? Cause I had the same situation with E these past weeks...the mood was really...not good at all...just hope everything gets better for you two...
As I know how much it hurts, to not hear at all from the one you love
Anonymous said…

@Ting: Sweetheart, i can't really advise a good one cause i failed my relationship with my E. But 3 things i learnt from moi Virgo is that do express yourself more, elaborate clearer as if you're talking to a child and do not expect them to understand your mind with you do no talking. Second, don't try screw urself deeper into an issue which upset u and think it'll be ok for only you to swallow it yourself even though telling out make no difference at all. We, as a couple, would like to handle everything as together as much. Dont tire to be talkactive or feel bored keep telling the same story or same issue, talk out loud and dont burden a 2 ppl world by yourself. We need to know what's in your mind instead let us kept guessing there. I know it feel nice and romantic when one is able to feel/know your mind without you telling, but gemini is not, me yes but i hate to do that. Tell us more and think furthur, the more u tell the more we understand, and the bigger chance for us to become your psnl mind reader. 3, give gemini some space, they VERY need that, sometimes Virgo really sticky until we might feel a bit out of air, i mean yes we do love you, but we got our things/friends/works to go on. Forgive us for the not-self-aware coldness, but we still love you.

@Tiffany: i'd very much like to say yes, but i want to be honest this time. My dear, i cant really tell :)
Ting Ting said…
Yes Daniel! I understand, been trying to be more open lately. And it's so true that Gemini cannot guess what's in my mind easily, hehe. I do give him a lot of space, letting him do whatever pleases him. I admit I do feel very lonely when sometimes he's too focused on his stuff that he ignores me, but I can understand him. So barely we got the space problem, mostly the communication problem...
Call me Dan. You can't really read a gemini's mind too. Sometimes they're even more sensitive and fragile than you and i don't like the changing. Becareful when you say you understand because sometimes your expression, your way of talking, your body language even your sudden silent gave us an alert that you guys feel lonely, or start again the self-tolering drama. Do communicate a lot, relationship built on communication and kiss. So either you do the front or the 2nd one more. We Aries and Gemini don't like silent wood, somehow we're bossy and gemini likes to debate, so silent or lack of communication really killed us, that endangers the relationship. We rather you yell, scold us instead of hide in the dark corner and do your own emotion therapy. I really hate that cause feels like we're not treated fairly. Open your mouth, we're not dating a puppet, even puppet talks! Gosh!! (Calm daniel, calm..)
Adam said…
What is absolute pitch?
Ting Ting said…
Oh my! The last sentence made me think of Chucky...> . <
Yes, Dan, I certainly understand the importance of communication, as every time our quarrel was based on this issue, me not talking. For my cases, sometimes I don't want to talk for maybe I want to solve it alone, or simply because that I miss him too much but never see or hear any sign from him, and doubt if he's too busy, if a simple call will disturb him and will prefer wait for him to act first, causing the communication becoming one way only, stupid things like that. Virgo's weakness is that they think too much unnecessarily and I admit it. Now I am trying to treat things more positively, findings things I like so that I can share with him. Too bad my laptop is not in my room, else my Skype would be on 24/24...
Chucky was MAN and sexy! I mean, you know there's a saying,"true men wear scars"(slap me) Honestly, as a man, we really don't like the part you doubt, sweetheart. We're not as sensitive as you, we cant have you in mind when we're focusing on our things. Men were queer in one way. We still love you yes, but we really can't multithinking you and works, we can only multitasking. Don't wait for us to act first, because men're more passive than girls, besides it can be solid for us to show off like,"Those? Oh, those was done by my honey, fantastic yeah?" kind of reputation build up stuff,lol. Be more casual and make more friends and don't put too much we in your life, you have your own time too. Dont feel that we might get lonely or bored ourselves, we can stand that. Think less, talk more, and expand your social world. Skyping souleater1001 if you need accompany sometimes, i cant help much in your makeup skill(wha?) but at least you can help me practice my japanese ;)
Oh, and Adam, talk to you in next life and thanks to you for my current situation, you're really one good friend =)
Ting Ting said…
Wow, "Think less, talk more, and expand your social world. " E said the same thing to me...Haha~nah, I don't care about make up skills, but, practise Japanese? I will be the student! I'm bad at Japanese!! Sure, will add you in a while, but I don't think you'll see me often on Skype..

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