Gimme another week and i'll be just new and fine

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, your Daniel me back!
I know it has been a while since last entry because i traveled to Taipei,Taiwan last week and just place my butt on my own bed right now.
Been through a lot, which of course i'll be sharing here with you to make you feel that you're somehow travelling with moi the very same place, but just gimme some time.
Gimme another week to pull myself together, dry off my tears, stable my daily duties or back to normal in short, and i'll be just new and fine.
My heart always with you, and i love you.


Ting Ting said…
Je t'aime aussi~Repose-toi bien pour l'instant~Et j'espere que tu t'es bien amuse a Taipei! > w <~!
Anonymous said…


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